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Central & Eastern Europe: Interview: The Eastern Partnership's raison d'etre and future

Diego Velazquez, the Wort's correspondent in Brussels, speaks with Amanda Paul, Senior Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre, about the Eastern Partnership's raison d'etre. The six Partnership countries – Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Armenia – meet today in Brussels for their fifth summit.

Comment: The EU missed its chance to branch out

The European Banking Authority and the European Medicines Agency will leave London and relocate, respectively, to Paris and Amsterdam. There was the usual ferocious lobbying, but ultimately the choice was open and transparent; it just wasn't particularly clever.

Report: Scandinavia desperately needs more skilled workers

Scandinavian industry has long complained about shortages. Now, it has an ally. Hays, a recruiting specialist, has published its latest annual report into supply and demand for skilled workers in 33 major economies.